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I highly recommend Rebecca Adele PR & Events for any business in need of a publicist or assistance with marketing. Becki is knowledgeable and passionate about her work, and has a knack for connecting people. I have been particularly impressed by the breadth of Becki's reach as a publicist. My business is in New York City, and while Becki is based in Cleveland, she was able to connect my business with major New York and national publications beyond what I expected was possible for a new small startup business. I continue to be impressed by Becki's professionalism, creativity, and skill, and could not give her a higher recommendation." 


Rebecca Adele PR & Events is a great partner. Becki is not only skilled strategist, she and her team are great tacticians, willing to help wherever needed. By working with her, our team was able to increase our efforts, amplify our message and exceed client objectives.


Becki is a real asset to our media relations efforts. She is targeted and knows how to get the job done. She also has a wide skill set that allows her to be successful when it comes to a variety of public relations efforts including social media and story placement."


Rebecca Adele PR & Events has helped our band reach out to the community at new levels. The enthusiasm, professionalism and public relations skills that Becki Cooper brings to the table has helped our band build a large following and presence in the local media.With Becki's experience and contacts, she has opened opportunities for Booby Trap to share our message of music and charity with the public."


Becki, I wanted to thank you for all you did to bring publicity to my company. It was amazing  the amount of work you did for such a reasonable price. You got people to do a story on us that I have been trying for years to get, and you did it in a couple of weeks! You are very good at your job and would recommend anyone who is looking to grow their company to give you a call. I would have to say that in the last 25 years being in this business, this was the best monies I have ever spent. You went way over and above what was needed for a very reasonable cost. Thanks again for everything! I wish you the best!"


Becki Cooper and her staff at Rebecca Adele PR & Events are an extremely motivated group  who have their client’s best interest at heart. I am very pleased I ended up entrusting them with my PR needs. As an artist, it is very important to not only create the best work you possibly can, but also to share it with the public. If one is unable to do this, than ones art is merely ones hobby, not career.  Rebecca Adele was extremely helpful in reaching out to those who would eventually take notice to my work. My utter thanks and gratitude goes out to them."


Rebecca Adele PR has managed to augment my career in a way that I have been unable to do myself for the past 25 years!
She is reliable, prompt and has amazing connections, all of which has given my medical practice great exposure at record speed.  I highly recommend her!"


Rebecca Adele PR & Events does an excellent job. I needed to take my business to the next step and Becki has totally taken me to a new level. She is organized, dependable, and she surprises me everyday with new ideas to really make a difference. I'm very happy to have her expertise in my corner. She really knows her stuff. She goes over and beyond to help, she treats your business like her own. I would recommend her without a thought."


Rebecca Adele PR & Events has done a fantastic job transforming our company from an unknown start-up to a well-known attraction in New York City through their public relations services. With every press release sent, we've seen more positive results due to Rebecca Adele PR & Event's dedication and persistence to our needs. We highly recommend them."   


Becki Cooper and her team at Adele PR & Events have provided Northeast Shores tremendous and timely PR and social networking services. In just a few short months, the coverage that we have received for our artist relocation efforts has significantly increased resulting in a massive uptick in customer inquiries. Flat out, Becki Cooper knows her stuff!”


Becki/Rebecca Adele PR & Events was recommended to us by another NYC tour operator, and she was friendly, accommodating, and super responsive from the first inquiry until long after many other PR people would've considered their job done and moved on. She proved herself to be reliable, efficient, personable, and had great follow-through, which is too often lacking in PR in general. We had a huge number of responses from numerous local blogs, media outlets, and even network news- much more than we expected. We will definitely rely on her again for our next PR push, and would recommend her highly, especially in New York, where her competitive rates make her all the more attractive compared to inflated prices we see with Manhattan-based agencies."


By working with Rebecca Adele PR & Events our PR & media results are 100% better than what we were getting on our own. My family and I own a small gelato shop in Lakewood (Cleveland suburb), The Sweet Spot, and have been in business, doing our own media relations for two years. Our own efforts were very sporadic, but when we got a media hit, we immediately saw a significant jump in sales for the next few days. So we knew an expanded media relations effort was needed. With Becki and Rebecca Adele PR & Events, our strategy is all proactive...we create interesting ideas/events/campaigns that media WANT to report about, rather than wait around for the media to contact us. There's no doubt about it, it works and working with Rebecca Adele PR & Events has made all the difference!"


Rebecca Adele PR & Events has been a pleasure to work with. They have helped us plan and implement an effective PR strategy that works for our business. Their efforts have provided us with great press coverage with large local media outlets. From creating articles, getting the coverage and scheduling interviews; they take care of everything while we sit back and get the results. Becki and her team are a breeze to work with and we are looking forward to another successful campaign next year!"


I highly recommend Rebecca Adele PR & Events. We have had Becki's team on board prior to our launch, and she has brought us more media and attention than any previous agencies I have worked with in other companies I have run. Her attention to detail is exceptional, and she is always thinking of new ideas to help us grow. She has set us up with national new media, targeted our consumer market, and demographics, and has placed us in magazines that are right for our brand. Her social media is brilliant, and she has increased our followers to exceed our expectations. We have found a long-term partner with her agency, and I am excited to see what the future brings."


Becki has helped elevate the A Special Wish brand in the Chicago market. Becki integrates herself into our processes and is able to communicate on our behalf. With her expertise, we have been able to gain traction and recognition through our social channels and reach out to new donors, volunteers, and potential sponsors for our organization."


Working with Rebecca Adele PR & Events was probably the single best use of our company's marketing budget this year. Not only was Becki responsive and professional, but she got us an incredible amount of press! Great value, great service; we'll be working with her again next year!"


Becki was absolutely wonderful to work with, she was quick and efficient with excellent follow, up resulting in exceptional exposure that just wouldn't have happened without her help. I will certainly request her services again!"


We worked with Rebecca Adele PR & Events on a press release this Spring 2015. Becki positioned us very well and went after many different media outlets. It was a very successful campaign in our eyes and we are still seeing results from all of her hard word. Becki was referred by a very trusted friend and we will definitely be recommending her ourselves."


I started using Rebecca Adele PR & Events over a year ago to run my social network program. Becki and her company has shown themselves to understand my business and promote my company in a very organized and professional manner. I will be using Rebecca Adele PR & Events for many years to come!" 


Becki was organized and stayed on top of journalists to ensure interested parties were pursued and that coverage placements were secured. Her rate was reasonable, and she saw the job through with efficiency from start to finish. She is a professional and is recommended for her cost-effective and efficient approach to small-business publicity needs."


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Working with Rebecca Adele PR & Events has allowed my organization to reach new levels in spreading our message across the communities we serve. This partnership has given us our time back allowing us to focus on our real work in schools locally and globally discussing and solving water issues; Rebecca Adele PR & Events has helped us exist more efficiently as an organization."


I am a small business owner and I had Rebecca Adele PR & Events do a press release for my store. Not only did she write an incredible release, but she was extremely accurate and had it done in a timely manner. She followed up with me and made sure I was completely happy with her work before she submitted it. I would highly recommend using her for advertising and public relations needs."


Rebecca Adele PR & Events is a great company with a great person running it! Becki is the backbone of my company's social media,and my marketing. I've struggled with this area of my business for 10+ years now, and Becki makes it easy for me. She keeps me where I need to be, when I need to be there. She also keeps me and my company on my toes and in front of my audience. She will do the best job, and get you the best results. Thank you Becki for all your help, and I'm sure whoever hires you will feel the same. P.S. Very reasonable too!"


Becki has been very helpful in navigating our first foray into the PR world. Her patience, guidance and honesty every step of the way has made the entire experience exciting and easy. Not to mention the great results! After admitting honestly she wasn't sure how our company would be received, we were featured in the Metro, Crain's and on various blogs and radio stations! I will continue to work with Becki for PR happily, indefinitely."


I have been working with Becki on launching my company and product, Comfy Cradle. She has created my website, created a YouTube video, written and distributed a press release, which in turn has been successful. She has also mapped out a plan to help market  my product. She is very professional, a master of public relations, and an amazing multi-tasker. Becki is very easy to work with and I highly recommend her." 


Becki's services were an integral part in the launch of our product Dance Dot. Her targeted media release garnered a feature story in the NY Daily News along with other notable NYC publications. We saw an immediate spike in sales that was directly linked to her campaign. I have already recommended Becki to several friends and their experience was equally as successful."


Becki Cooper is driven, attentive, and results oriented. She is a strong communicator who always has her clients best interest in mind. Her tenacity and willingness to grow has been impressive. She has made a difference with every client I have sent her way. I highly recommend Rebecca Adele PR & Events."



Rebecca Adele PR & Events has been one of our easier and more productive marketing relationships. Becki is a pleasure to work with and gets results."


Becki Cooper has done an incredible job with my daughter's PR. With just a month of working with her, she managed to launch into the press flawlessly. She has gotten TV shows, national websites, magazines and many other opportunities in just a short time. Becki is as good as you can get."


Working with Becki was a fabulous way to spread the word about our organization and our big biennial event. She really grasped the essence of our organization and it's mission, and was able to translate the materials I sent her to create a great press release and connect us with a myraid of media outlets.  She is a great communicator and getting set up was quick and easy - not to mention how amazing it is that she does all of the follow up AND generates a list of pieces that have run.  It's as easy as having a quick conversation, emailing back and forth, and watching the stories pour in.  She's a great translator - able to speak the language of our non-profit, and also the media. We got great results and I can't wait to work with her again!"


Rebecca Adele PR & Events' has been my publicist for several years. The owner, Becki Silverstein, maintained my Facebook and Twitter pages, wrote press releases, and produced videos for my two companies. She has always been a very professional and passionate publicist. I found that her posts were always relevant and timely. I recommend her without totally and without reservation.Since hiring Rebecca Adele PR & Events, my Facebook and Twitter account likes and followers has more than tripled. It’s pretty fantastic.The variety of content and management of my social media sites have created a buzz with existing and potential customers. Without a doubt, it has driven people to my website. Keep up the good work, thanks Becki!" 


Working with Becki from Rebecca Adele PR & Events has really increased our social media exposure. By posting relevant and current material, our clients find great value and our reach is far wider than it was prior to working with Rebecca Adele. Becki sticks to her outlined schedule and has made herself available to last minute requests. Since starting to work with her, Becki has close to doubled the amount of our fans and that number grows everyday. Her services save me a ton of time each week so I can focus more on other tasks at hand. Thanks Becki for helping Fitness Revolution reach new levels!"


Becki/Rebecca Adele PR & Events came highly recommended to me by a fellow company founder/CEO who got excellent results with her service. As a tech startup, media coverage is really important in getting the word out that my company exists. Becki took the time to learn about my product and developed a press release that was completely on target. She knows exactly who to contact in the media for max results. Within 2 days of the press release, I was contact by one of the top NY/Philly radio stations for an interview, followed by another contact from a top NY market radio station, and a NY magazine. Not only did Becki get excellent results, she worked with me as an advisor, educating me on strategy and process. I’ve already lined up Rebecca Adele PR & Events for our next press release and have recommended Becki and her company to a colleague."


Working with Becki has been a wonderful experience. She understands how to turn your news into a story that the press wants to pick up. On top of that, she is super efficient and passionate about what she does. I highly recommend working with Rebecca Adele PR”


In an effort to expand our public relations reach, my club contacted Rebecca Adele PR & Events to see what she offered in that area. I was pleased by her willingness to meet with the entire committee at our location. She had several suggestions about advertising our show in addition to her services. One suggestion she made was to obtain the email addresses of show attendees when they entered the our event. We did do that and will use these addresses next year as a reminder that our annual event will be held soon. Becki was very professional in all her dealings with our Club. I appreciated her help."


I am currently using Rebecca Adele PR & Events. I own and operate a boutique wedding cinematography business. Becki has done a fantastic job with her social media campaign she implemented to help create brand awareness in legitimately creative ways. Since the plan has been implemented, my business and fan base has increased. She is very professional, knowledgeable and prompt. She always answers my questions and is very thorough in her actions. I highly recommend Rebecca Adele PR & Events' services."


Working with Rebecca Adele PR & Events on both social media and PR has catapulted our communications efforts. Becki is on point and refreshingly direct. The team gets us what we need on time, follows through, is open to our ideas, and has a clear understanding and honesty about what works in the industry. Our online following has reached numbers I never would have imagined. The results we’ve seen and time she has saved are critical and manageable given our resources as a nonprofit. Thanks, Becki and team, for all the work we’ve done together."


I have been working with Rebecca Adele PR & Events regarding my social media for my business, Becki is very responsive and knows exactly what she is doing and why. I believe she loves what she does and therefore she gets things done. Needless to say she is a very hard worker and I admire her ambitiousness!"


"In an age when social media reigns and clients expect consistent interaction, we have been extraordinarily pleased with how Rebecca Adele PR & Events has handled our account.  The owner is responsive to our needs and creates a visibility that we were lacking online.  I would highly recommend her services to any established business or budding enterprise hoping to convey an aura of friendly professionalism online."


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